What's its worth?

What was once touted new publishing platform that would appeal to the tech-savvy, web magazines are now a mainstay, often running parallel with their hard-copy alternatives.

Digital magazines are wholesomely embraced, particularly amongst the Millennial generation, distinctly identified with their buying and spending power - proven so with buying trends and habits, in ways you might not expect.

Much like the garment that we dorn, the smartphone has become a part of our body attire! Aside from voice and text communication, you would almost always be searching all manner of information totally dependent on your device.

Readability is fundamental - people want to read what they seek, easily and speedily. Unlike print editions with it obvious bulk, digital magazines are delivered to you via your mobile device wherever you are, whenever you wish.

How much are you willing to pay?
This researched stats may astound you - price points being the subject of concern, print pubication that is, say priced at $10.00 fares better when priced at $20.00 for a web edition that includes a digital archive. This is especially popular among content-rich research books. Throw in a $30.00 package for the print edition, web edition and archived combined, upwards of a surprising 60% will choose the most expensive offer.  


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