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When VUILD conceptualised the House for Marebito, they were adamant about adhering to their vision of "an architecture that is an extension of the furnishings and is amenable to amateur construction." 
Thus, the simple tables and other furniture within are attached to the floors and walls, functioning as an integrated organ rather than as removable accessories. The bottom storey has a kitchen island living aea, while the upper floor houses the bedroom.

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CA - the Journal, charts a new journey exploring Immersive Technology.
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CA - the Journal - Stories that matter

Stories That Matter

CredentialsAsia - the Journal is an independent e-Journal publication funded through patronage, and the only creative publication initiated by a multi-faceted network of contributing design professionals, their corporate clients, practitioners and educationists who share a common vision - to chart the constantly evolving shift in art and design trends in the region.
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The Journal is a conglomeration of art, photography, styling, writing and design. The Journal showcases the talents of profiled designers, architects, industry partners, artists, collaborating design professionals and also design students' works.

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