the value of e-Publications


an alternative to Webpages

Progressive development in the flip-page e-Magazine industry flaunting dynamic UI and UX technology integration elevates engagement value to new levels.
This has encouraged many aspiring writers and publishers to self-publish. 
While it is exciting to dive into this realm of digital publishing, fundamental to building a successful online publishing venture you need to adhere to the following -  

Keep in mind the four goals you need to achieve

Linear drivers for success in multi-platform niche media publishing can be used to judge your progress and success on meeting these four subscription goals.

We're here to help you plan and realise those strategies.

Here's a brief introduction to our e-learning module on e-Publication that touches on Subscription Marketing

Learn how to -

  •  draw visitors to your websites or subscribe to your program
  •  convert those website visitors to become your subscribers
  •  engage with your visitors in a relationship that is meaningful  
  •  legitimize that relationship - build that trust with your subscribers


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