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Academy of Creative Media Ltd Hong Kong, a multi-faceted e-Design and digital media creative agency that catapulted into the foray of e-Publishing; and in embarking on this new initiative back in 2012 - launched CredentialsAsia - a distinctive e-Publication platform articulated to address their clienteles' needs by way of offering a superlatively conducive digital structure and launchpad to aid their customers' quest to gain wider audience-reach through alternative media.

A general decline and dependence on hard copy print media options influenced an accelerated shift towards favoring what was envisioned to become a progressive adoption of digital-media as viable spring-board platforms that would soon command center stage.

E-Publication is now a mainstay in the age of digital - largely owing to its ease of integration with other social media platforms - from the ubiquitous e-Mail to WhasApp, WeChat, FaceBook, LinkedIn, Tik Tok, Zoom and a myriad of other potentially dynamic e-media channels. 

Digital media has leapfrogged into wondrous permutations continuously leaving loyal advocates in awe - digital media brings about limitless possibilities.


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